To the Moon.


I have a history test first period tomorrow… And I haven’t studied at all. School is stressing me out so much

Join the boat friendo :( I haven’t studied at all either. But we can make it through school together ^_^

Leave me something to wake up to?



too-the-moon always gets my bad side

This is though, you don’t have a good side to start with
I’m going to try posting my photos on here, tell me what you guys think of that
Kind if bored right now

If you’re in a chatty mood feel free to talk to me, whether it’s on here or on kik, I’m sure you’re kool

Sad and stressed

I don’t know schools getting to me a lot especially tonight and to top it off I looked at myself in the mirror and I hate every single part of me. I hate nights like these…


If you’re a kool kid you should totally talk to me! It can be on here or on kik or skype of whatever. Kik:toothemooon

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